« Every nautical mile gives a child without hope a future»

- In loving memory of Morten Ramm Salbu



8th of November 2015 is the kick off date for the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 2015 (ARC). It is a transatlantic rally from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. 3 weeks and 2800 nautical miles across the ocean.

At the starting line you will find the Norwegian sailboat LEA.

LEA is a 44 foot Bavaria 2002. Owner and crew is the Salbu/Seth family.


My name is Anne Ramm Salbu (49) and I am the captain. Onboard is also my best mate in life and sailor companion Reidun Seth (49). My daughters Erin (23) and Lene (20) will join in September and sail across the Atlantic with us. My brother, Morten Ramm Salbu, was supposed to sail with us. He dreamed of crossing the Atlantic with me and had decided to be the cook onboard LEA.


Life takes a turn

Morten dies unexpectedly from cardiac arrest while driving home from a concert in Os (Bergen) on 21st of May 2013. Morten was 51 years old. He had participated in a concert to raise money for Garden of Eden Kenya (GOEK). This project was close to Mortens heart, a project our brother Harald and wife Elin have been engaged in for several years.

Besides being a sponsor for several of the children in the project, Morten got involved as an architect in 2009. Harald and Morten travelled together to Nairobi and the first sketches were drawn. He drew the a beautiful small village for the children, and the building started in 2010


A visit in the Kibera slum in 2006 changed Harald and Elin. They could not return to Norway and forget about the strong impressions, about all the orphans without hope and a future. In Kenya they met Thomas and Beatrice Omolo, who were already devoted to these children. By establishing a Norwegian support group for the Omolo's work in the slum they slowly but surely contributed to create a future for many of the children.

They started collecting money from friends and family by making sponsorships for many of the children in the slum

The construction started in 2010 and the dream of Garden of Eden's children village is finally coming through.

The plan is to build a safe home, on safe ground outside Nairobi.


Two buildings are now finished. 20 children and 5 adults already live there. Everything is financed through sponsors in Norway

Sail for hope, what is it?

The last night of his life, Morten participated at a concert to raise money for GOEK. Those who knew Morten, knows how dedicated he wasn


Morten was dedicated to build the orphanage in Nairobi. Unfortunately he did not live to finish it.

We want to finish Mortens work. Imagine that we can raise money to finish building the children's village? He would have liked that!

Our sailing adventure is the perfect opportunity to make people aware of this fantastic project in one of the world's "back yards".

We challenge YOU to donate a given amount for every nautical mile we sail.


Let’s talk money

A trip around the northern Atlantic is about 10 000 nautical mil (nm).

You can contribute by : donate x amount of money per nm.

You decide how much.


The maximum length of the trip is set to 10 000 nm.

We will set up four checkpoints throughout the year, where we check the distance sailed and donations accordingly will go directly to GOEK's Norwegian support group: Garden Of Eden Kenya Support.

First checkpoint will be Las Palmas. Second checkpoint is in St.Lucia

Third checkpoint will be in the Azorean (or New York if we sail the northern route home)

Last checkpoint will be in Bergen upon arriving homeport.


The sailing adventure and information about the fundraising can be followed on our facebookpage «Sail for Hope», and here on our website for the trip, www.sylea.no


All sponsors will receive information about building of the children's village.


The house we want to build will cost about 500 000 Norwegian kroner. That is 50 kroner per nautical mile.

Will you help us by becoming a sponsor and build a home for children in Kenya?




Morten was a dedicated man with passion for living. He had a big heart and he wanted to contribute to create a future with hope and joy for the children of the Kibera slum.

The sailing adventure that Morten dreamt of will now be a tool to raise money.

We can then finish his dream to build the children's village he drew and our trip will be even more meaningful.

Our sailing adventure will be Morten's. Without him - but in his spirit. And more children will have a home and a future.


We want to complete Mortens work, the drawing are there, the will to do it is there. But we need you!


We dream of lifting more children out of a life without hope.

Into a future full of hope.


For more info about GOEK:



To become a sponsor, contact

Anne Ramm Salbu: annesalbu@hotmail.com / mobil 91132561

Reidun Seth: reidun@keeperbutikk.no / mobil 94277458



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